Tuesday, December 02, 2008


The boy, reading his history book: Is socialism bad?
Me: Not necessarily.
The boy: Oh, that's fascism.
Me: Yes, fascism is bad.
The boy: I like fascism better. Know why? It sounds like face-ism.
Me: ...
The boy: I get to vote soon.


Confession time. Twitter has me flummoxed. I am not getting my full potential out of it and am, I am certain, depriving the world of all the brilliant Tweets I would put out there if I only knew what the fuck it was really for. Am I really supposed to set it up to run off my phone so I can let all my followers know @Boltgirl: going to Safeway or @Boltgirl: wow it's cold this morning? Is there supposed to be more? Please enlighten me.


Top Chef: Thanksgiving sucked. I know more shows are going to go the product placement route once DVRs kill regular commercials forever, but I do not want to watch the Swanson's Broth Hour. Or the GE Microwave Extravaganza. Also, pop bands should not be confused with food critics, especially when they say things like "I don't like figs and stuff."




Homer said...

I don't like fresh figs. Especially stuffed fresh figs. Dried ones are good in stuffing though. The End.

Boltgirl said...

Aha, it was precisely the dried figs in the stuffing that at issue. Homer can be on Top Chef any time and I will happily watch it. Your hair's way better than Dave Grohl's anyway.