Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Getting Down To What We're Here For

Food, of course. Daglio's.... Original Cheesteaks & Hoagies or something like that. Just Daglio's. Ahem. Located in Tucson, in the bustling Campbell Avenue corridor, just south of Glenn (and just north of the venerable India Oven), Daglio's has everything you need to make your heart sing. Here's a hint: your heart don't need much to git real happy. Angus beef chopped fine by hand, slapped on a hot grill, nestled in a heavenly soft Amoroso roll under a healthy pile of day-long-grilled onions and provolone... ah, sweet Jesus! They have a bunch of other stuff on the menu that I'm sure is just dandy, but all you really need is the steak with extra onions and provolone. The fries are good too, as are the Wise potato chips (flown in from Philly with the rolls). Co-owner Frankie Santos, from south Philly, is the tall slender guy with black hair behind the counter. He's a love and happy to talk to you about Philly, about steaks, about how your kid is doing in school, whatever. It's a happy, friendly place that will leave you in a wonderful, warm, slightly dazed stupor for a couple of hours after you eat. Yeah!

Oh, for God's sake. The dumbass presented his "plan for victory" speech this morning. Shouldn't that have been in place, oh, maybe three years ago? What did we get this morning? More of the same. A re-wording of "Iraq is the central front in the war on terror." A re-wording of "When the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down." Another promise to stay the course and keep serving our young guys up to the roadside bombs to somehow honor all the other guys who have already been blown up. All delivered safely nestled in the bosom of Annapolis. He's as clueless as he spineless.

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