Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday Mourning

After the bodies of the two missing 101st paratroopers were found last night...
Iraqi defence ministry spokesman Gen Abdul Aziz Mohammed said: "We found they had been tortured in a barbaric fashion."

W, at a GOP fundraiser last night...
An early withdrawal would embolden the terrorists. An early withdrawal would embolden Al Qaeda and bin Laden. There will be no early withdrawal so long as we run the Congress and occupy the White House.

One day, two quotes, completely divergent realities.

How long before the pro-war faction uses the latest two deaths to argue for an open-ended occupation? How long before they claim pulling out the troops who've managed to survive this long means Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker and the other 2,502 have died in vain?

Who will be the first conservative commentator to defend the next report of our guys' atrocities against civilians or detainees by saying, well, look what they did to Menchaca and Tucker?

We're going to stay the course. Just like the Titanic.

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