Thursday, October 05, 2006

Freedom on the March!

In lieu of actual content, a linkfest.

Freedom is still on the march! That is, if, of course, by "freedom" you mean "continued power grabs by a megalomaniacal dictator."

Dennis Hastert is taking responsibility for the page scandal and its coverup. That is, if, of course, by "taking responsibility" you mean "blaming the media and Bill Clinton."

I really, really meant to go to the World Can't Wait rally downtown this evening. Of course, I managed to get derailed by drama involving my hiking boots and now there's some weird post-monsoonal thunderstorm action and, okay, I'm just too goddamn tired and lazy to get off my ass and do something proactive. There. I said it. At least I persuaded my officemate and her boyfriend to go. Luckily for all of us, Olbermann is energized.

Ah, shite, the power of guilt. I'm toddling off to the rally now.

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