Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In Which We Are Just Too Tired

Too tired and cranky and hot, Jesus god, so hot, to string together the kind of insightful, astute analysis you've come to expect. Not today.

Life in Tucson tip: if you need plumbing supplies and advice in a hurry, say on a Sunday afternoon, Naughton's is your place. Just make sure you get there before three. Sunday was the first really hot day to hit so far this sun season, so I wasn't too surprised when I walked in through their wide open doors and saw half the lights were off. All the lights at Home Depot had crashed briefly not an hour earlier, what with all the air conditioners in the city suddenly being turned up to eleven at the same time, so yeah, just another cramp in the grid. The Naughton's lights sprang back to life as I puzzled over J-traps, and then all went dead. Ah, no worries, no need to panic. I dallied another minute or so before deciding to break down and ask for some guidance.

Boy, was the last guy in the store with the front door keys in his hand surprised to see me come around the corner. Oh, I didn't know you were here. Uh... we're closed.

At three in the afternoon? Seriously, who the fuck closes at three in the afternoon? When all my pipes are disassembled and strewn across the kitchen floor? Naughton's, apparently. Moral of the story? If it's Sunday, Ace is open until the scandalous hour of five.

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