Monday, December 08, 2008

In Which, Yet Again, We Got Nuthin'

Full weekend of whaaaaaaat the fuck am I doing followed by a similar day at work followed by a perfectly lovely evening watching the boy in a series of single scenes for drama class--he was the best of any of them, truly--leaves the blog woefully ignored.

Stuff went on in the world, I'm sure, including Notre Dame setting themselves for another chapter in the What the Flying Fuck Chronicles they've been compiling over the past ten years by accepting a bid to the *cough* Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve. This is fortuitous because it means I'll be too full of red wine and smoked ham to care.

And the downside to having dumped ~15 pounds is that I am now obsessive about keeping track of calories consumed and calories elliptical machined away and weight lifted and weight maintained on a daily basis, and it's driving me fucking insane. When I was tubbier I was unhappy about it but that was about the extent of my emotional investment. Now that I am slightly less so, damn. This is no way to live.

Back to the cutting political and cultural commentary tomorrow. For reals.

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