Thursday, April 01, 2010

Post 1,111: Strange Days

Today the little facets of my world were in flux. Enforced left-handedness, a snowstorm in the mountains above Tucson on the first day of April, the realization that we will be able to pay for the boy to go far away for college after all, his sudden decision that the Pacific Northwest is calling.

I am in Bizarro World.

Image > Rotate Canvas > 180, in Photoshop-speak, wreaks havoc with my pathologically right-handed equilibrium, puts knots in my back, pulls at my hamstring. The sun and blue skies visiting relatives came seeking have evaporated into raggedy clouds and cold breezes. The indisputable forward motion of time, stubbornly ignored for day after just one more day, asserts itself in a thick and difficult mixture of pride and excitement and quiet sadness.

Random words fall wrong and land badly. And on we go.


JordanCornblog said...

Beautifully put! We are en route, today, to hear a senior thesis presentation by the person we sent off to college 4 years ago. Wonderful calabration ... but the bhe bad news is (from my perspective) that time's passage sems to keep accellerating. Or is it just that I am slowing down? Either way, it's disconcerting and disorienting. And with it all ... what wonderful transitions these young(er) ones are going through!

JordanCornblog said...

Make that celebration ... and seems ... and gosh ... can I say that I was typing with my left hand? Shite - hope I can drive okay!