Sunday, July 03, 2011

Can the US Play With Two Keepers Now?

Two things. First, kudos to Equatorial Guinea for that revolutionary two-keeper alignment. And here we all wondered why the actual keeper came out in a kit that was only one hue removed from the field players. Were I Hungarian referee Gyonegyi Gaal, I would have dispensed with the curt "sorry, y'all" apology and simply walked off the pitch at halftime, leaving my reffy clothes in a sad pile on the touchline, never to call a game and quite possibly never to watch a game again. It was just that bad.

Tomorrow is a rest day, which unfortunately coincides with the one day I could actually sit at home and watch four matches. But no. That happens on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I get to write archaeology stuff at the same time now.

Second, squeeeeeeeee.

Nespresso Pixie. Dear god, I did not need this, but now that I have it, I cannot live without it.

In other news, it was 118 in Phoenix yesterday, so Sheriff Joe grudgingly allowed the tent city inmates to have ice bags to sit on and possibly bury themselves under so that five-to-ten for marijuana possession doesn't become a capital crime.

It's fucking hot here.

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