Friday, May 26, 2006

Financial Guru-tude

Well, a hearty welcome to all the readers coming here via Google Finance's page on the Southern Peru Copper Corporation. Look around and stay awhile.

It's not the hot link I had anticipated, but I'll take it.

My personal financial strategy consists of (1) thrift stores, (2) 10-for $10 boxes of Stagg chili, (3) lots of rice, and (4) using puppy dog eyes to convince the other person to spring for dinner, and then stretching the leftovers into another couple of meals.

Hot Tucson Tip: that Valero gas station at Campbell/Prince has the bargain-basement unleaded for 2.87. Speaking of fuel and, indirectly, vehicles, I lucked into strategem (5) have wealthy grandparents who offer to pay off your truck loan out of your inheritance. It's a no-interest loan until you consider the guilt factor, which comes in at roughly 83%, compounded hourly when you don't call often enough. Subtip (a) you will never call enough.

Meanwhile, the ancient-by-Dell-standards desktop computer at home is groaning and straining ever more, and in fact had a major crash-freeze-burn episode a few months ago, so I bit the bullet and ordered a laptop that I hope will sustain the boy through at least a couple years of high school. It will have enough bells and whistles to let me work from home when needed, so the boss is going halfsies on it. I guess that's strategem (6) find nice boss who will pay for half of your laptop.

Somewhere in there should be (7) identify or develop a highly marketable skill. If your skillset is limited to archaeology, learn to love the rollercoaster thrill of the paycheck-to-paycheck existence.

In the end, though, I try to remember (8), pointed out by Homer: compared to most of the people living 65 miles south of here in Nogales, Sonora, I am rich beyond imagination.

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