Monday, August 28, 2006

Another Sunday, Another Hike

Saturday was taken up with a bunch of stuff I don't quite remember, not due to any altered states of consciousness, but rather to my brain increasingly failing to remember the mundane shit. Laundry may have been involved, if the pile of unfolded but clean clothes on the nightstand is a reliable indicator.

Sunday was far more interesting. The Boy and I hiked part of the Butterfly Trail up in the Catalinas, starting at 7900 feet and dropping a couple hundred over the first mile. So of course we practically skipped down for the first hour and a half. He also skipped the hour and a half back; I trudged. I swear it's a miracle I can even fucking walk around on level ground since I apparently have no quads any more.

Anyway. It was lovely. Yellow columbine claimed the best sunny spots, competing with red penstemons and blue lupine.

Here is a junco enjoying the bird bath provided by a big puddle caught in a fallen tree. Several juncos and some smaller birds that wouldn't hold still long enough for me to identify flitted around the water.

I also discovered that the "foliage" preset on the Canon SureShot 3.2 works well for closeups of flowers, but defaults to a sloooooow shutter speed. Greens and yellows are nicely enhanced, but the small LCD display doesn't always clue you in to minor blurring. Thus the lack of more than a few good shots from this hike.

In real world news, the primaries are coming up. If you live in AZ-8, please consider Jeff Latas.

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