Monday, August 21, 2006


Okay, he finally said it. All you numbnuts out there who have clung stubbornly to the fictitious Iraq-September 11 link, you now have it from the lips of your War President himself: what did Iraq have to do with the attacks? Nothing.

Click, play, repeat, as many times as it takes for reality to sink in. Iraq was not connected to the September 11 attacks. The war you so heartily supported was sold to you like a Nigerian inheritance scam, with only slightly less flowery language and generally good subject-verb agreements.

Remember Osama? He's the relevant bad guy here. As you go to the polls this November, think about the thousands of good American soldiers, marines, and sailors who have been blown apart in your megalomaniacal president's exercise in ego-stroking, and then ask yourself how many of those deaths and life-ruining maimings have brought us even one step closer to catching Osama, or ensuring the nation's security.

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