Friday, September 15, 2006

W Meets the Press

Ah shite. I tuned into the Bush presser toward the end and lasted a full five seconds before I screamed. In response to a question about why we aren't pursuing Osama more aggessively in Pakistan, in his best irritated, condescending, "you dumbass" voice:
Pakistan is a sovereign nation. And to send hundreds of thousands of troops into a sovereign nation, we have to be invited.

FUUUUUUUUUUCK! We have to be invited unless that sovereign nation (1) starts with "I" and (2) doesn't have nukes, that is.

Ah shite. He's starting the Third Awakening thing again. He's noticed that people he encounters along the ropes are praying for him more now than in '94. He thinks "smart people" are seeing parallels between Lincoln's presidency (the "Second Awakening") and his own. I understand why he's desperate to keep flogging the parallels; it allows him to continue to lift passages from the Gettysburg Address and waggle them around free of context ("that they shall not have died in vain" has been the big favorite for years). And somehow Lincoln's suspension of habeus corpus during a civil war fought on American soil means W gets to ignore all the other parts of the Constitution he finds inconvenient during the war-of-choice-foreign-civil-war incubator he set up in Iraq.

After taking a breath, another cup of coffee, and a gander at the transcripts as they become available, I see that he wants Geneva clarified. Well, again, trying to cut through the code, "clarified" here likely means "reinterpreted to allow 'harsh interrogations'" of terra suspects. What else... ah yes, apparently Colin Powell and John McCain are clueless about the nature of this conflict, the issues surrounding prisoners of war/enemy combatants, and likely all other things military.

Okay, that's all I can stomach for now. It's much funner watching with the sound off as he becomes increasinly agitated.

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