Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Abby Wambach, après taking one for the team. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

This pretty well sums up the US-North Korea game this morning. Wombat gushing a river from a cut on the back of her head that was opened up by a NK forward knocking noggins with her in front of the US goal. The US escaped with a 2-2 tie against a Korean squad that beat them to damn near every ball and left their midfield virtually invisible. The best team you never heard of? Right now the best team I'd never heard of is North Korea. Luckily, Nigeria pulled out a tie against Sweden, leaving Group A level at one point apiece.

In other WC news, England controlled most of their game against Japan, only to give up a goal on a free kick in the 55th minute. The Lions stormed back with a pair of goals from the wondrous Kelly Smith within two minutes late in the game, and then absolutely pissed away the three points by conceding a goal on a free kick at 3:50 of extra time, a low shot the keeper never saw until it barely cleared the wall and tucked inside the post.

Better matches than yesterday's Germany-Argentina debacle, but the US needs to get their heads out of their lethargic butts and remember how to link passes.

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