Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When We Said We Wanted You to Sub, We Didn't Mean the Keeper

Got the Crock-Pot plugged in, the onions and potatoes and carrots chopped and ready to go, the chicken broth simmering, everything all set for adding one crow, plucked, in the event that benching the starting keeper for the semi-final turns out to be the most brilliant coaching move in the history of women's soccer.

But right now I'm convinced that Greg Ryan is an idiot.

Love Brianna Scurry. She's one of my all-time favorites. She did start in the last game against the Brazilians, which the US won 2-1, but hasn't played in a match since. Hope Solo has built a head of steam after conceding the one weak goal to North Korea in the opening match of the World Cup, and, more importantly, has established a rhythm with the back line. Bri is tough as nails and is better on quick-reaction saves, but doesn't have Solo's footwork, leg strength, or height--and Solo's extra couple inches have made a difference on at least one save (the game-salvaging full-stretch deflection in extra time against North Korea).

The US have managed to muddle through Ryan's baffling personnel decisions on ability alone, and maybe this change won't throw the defense for nearly the loop I'm anticipating. But Jesus Christ, man, you're fucking with the chemistry in a major bad way the night before the semi-final. You discussed the possibility of a keeper change for Brazil with Scurry before the Cup even started, but didn't get around to mentioning it to the rest of the team, including the starting keeper, until now?!? Solo is pissed and the entire team has to be wondering what the fuck is going on. What shape is Solo's head going to be in for the final, should they get past Brazil? Ryan says that's not his concern. I rather think it is.


Anonymous said...

lets just hope bri doesnt mispunt (which for her is a possibility) right into the path of marta. I think the thing that bothers me is that he blindsided Solo. Why would you do that to a player?

Anonymous said...

Greg Ryan is an IDIOT!! how the heck do you NOT start Hope in goal.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we lost this game.

Fat Louie said...

Hope Ryan is enjoying his crow stew. Brazil was better than us. The boot and run style is no longer adequate in the talent-rich international game. However, Brazil has been better than us for some time and not won. They've psyched themselves out. This time Ryan made sure *we* did that.