Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Snowblogging

The Doppler radar on the Weather Channel Friday night showed a slowly rotating giant pink pinwheel perched on the northern edge of the Tucson Basin. By Saturday morning our normally bite-sized mountain range had draped itself in snow to rear up from behind tattered clouds in terrible majesty and splendor. As usual when the snow flies, the highway up was closed at the base, so we contented ourselves with the view from Sabino Canyon.

Boltgirl in peril!

No sign of mountain lions (other than this, well, sign). I did see some javelina and raccoon tracks in the sand on the edge of Sabino Creek, which was churning at a fairly good volume.

Snow-and cloud-crested mountains above the desert.

Snowy slopes from beneath a confused saguaro.

This might be the last good winter storm we get. Stay tuned for a killer wildflower season in the spring... which is due in about a month, I think.

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