Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nader Unsatisfied With Disaster Foisted on Country the First Time Around, Acts to Remedy Situation

Oh, Ralph. You rapscallion. Not content to have gummed up the works to the extent that they spat out George W. as the winner in 2000? It's understandable. I mean, those of us who thought about issues enough to see actual leadership and incisive intelligence behind Gore.2000's facade of dull pedantry were pleased about the Democratic candidate that year, but it's nothing compared to the hope-tinged passion Obama is stirring in 2008 breasts. And the likely Republican nominee is a certified loon with a foul temper who promises wars and wars and wars.

The stakes are even higher now, Ralph. So who can blame your not being able to resist leaping into the race? You have the chance to cement your name into history. President McCain would totally paint your name on a couple of bomb bomb bombs, just as a classy thank you, and generations--generations!--of draft-age kids would co-opt your name as a verb. Aw, dude. I just fucking got Nadered. Tehran, here I come.

(hat tip, who else? Top!Secret G-woman)

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