Wednesday, April 02, 2008

In Conclusion, All I Got to Say

The bullshit factor is too high today for serious discussion. We have Michael Mukasey either (1) lying through his teeth or (2) inadvertently exposing the utter incompetence of US intelligence gathering whilst (3) manufacturing a emotion-choked moment during a speech about FISA and the evil liberals who don't want telecoms permanently immunized against any repercussions for helping shred the Constitution. We have, finally, the full text of John Yoo's remix of the old-skool Nixon hit, "When the President Does It, That Means It Is Not Illegal." We have the Center for Arizona Policy proclaiming the end of the world because the governor decided to extend taxable healthcare benefits to unmarried partners of state employees.

In the face of that, I finally remembered something that's been bugging me since yesterday. I hate it when women refer to their breasts as "the twins" or, especially, "the girls." It seriously fucking makes my skin crawl. Not sure why. Just stop it. Now.

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