Sunday, July 26, 2009

Palin Makes It Official, Appears Unclear on the 'Lame Duck' Concept

Sarah Palin put on a lovely resignation ceremony today, complete with a speech and a reiteration of the original reason she cited for stepping down: she does not want to quack.
Some still don't see why she's quitting, she said.

"It is because I love Alaska so much, sir, that I choose to avoid the typical last year, lame-duck session in office,'' said Palin, who had decided not to seek a second term when she announced on the eve of the Fourth of July that she would step down today.

Um. Did no one remind her that she's only in her first term, and so wouldn't need to worry about the lame duck thing for another four years? Wow, she sure showed us! By pre-emptively creating a very short, two-week lame duck period by announcing her intention to resign on the 3rd, and then circumventing it by plain up and quitting before anyone had time to build a decent blind. It's a deliberate straw-manning of her credibility. I'm sure this logic is impeccable somewhere north of the 48th parallel, hanging a left once you get past Vancouver, but it's a bit much for my addled brain to handle.

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