Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year-end Abby Wambach Girlfriend Special

I think about current events and then slave away over the keyboard for full minutes, searching for just the perfect combination of words and the most apt turn of phrase, to bring my readership the most insightful commentary possible on politics and culture, occasionally baseball and soccer and food, every once in a while a heartfelt and poignant essay on life and family. And what do people want to know about? What brings them here in droves, more frequently than any other search terms?

abby wambach girlfriend.

Jesus. Fine. For the final word on "abby wambach girlfriend," head on over to the Twitter and follow Sarah Huffman and you will get all the updates you need on that particular Wombat situation.

Meanwhile, I will continue to toil in political commentary obscurity, dreaming of the day that a certain MSNBC commentator, while Googling giant lesbians on the US national team, will realize she needs a regular correspondent from this little blue corner of a big red desert. A girl can dream, no?


JordanCornblog said...

My #1 search term is pretty consistently "hop trellis." I am sure that there is something meaningful to be gleaned from this, but haven't settled on what it is yet. Clearly, our niches are almost identical!

Anonymous said...

FWIW, I was going to google "abby wambach cristiane" (because I wanted to see if cristiane ever recovered from wambach's gruesome, and IMO deliberate, tackle). But the google list of suggestions contained "girlfriend" so I said what the hell.

I'm just leaving this comments so you don't think there are zillions of perverts looking up the sexualities of female athletes - I couldn't care less.

Anonymous said...

Daniela, not Cristiane. And after seeing it again on YouTube, I'm even more convinced it was deliberate. Sliding studs-up into a player's plant leg is not something you do unless you want to inflict major harm.

I am not a Wambach fan, obvs.

Anonymous said...

You are funny. Very nice. Thanks for the laugh.

J Cline said...

It IS weird, but yes, that was the search term that brought me here. Like the poster above, I was curious about Abby Wambach and Google Search autofilled in "girlfriend" so why not have a peek? Not that I play for that team, but the Internets are chockablock with odd sh*t you never knew you wanted to know.