Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Catholic Church is bleating again (still? it's not like they ever truly stop) about their business ventures' health plans being forced to cover contraception under the new federal rules. When these Catholic hospitals and social service outfits start just as loudly grousing about having to extend spousal benefits to employees who were not married in the Church, or--heaven forfend--have been divorced and then remarried, well, then we can talk.

Komen reversed itself yesterday, sort of, and with that amazing backflip managed to piss off the anti-choicers who had been so elated not 24 hours before. Then late yesterday we learned that Ari Fleischer was the architect of the anti-Planned-Parenthood job search that put Karen Handel in as policy director and ultimately led to the fun events of last week. This blew a delightful new hole in Komen's protest that they never designed any policy shift to exclude Planned Parenthood--Planned who, now? Never heard of them!--and promises to keep the outrage party rocking.

I am so glad that I have always loathed pink.

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