Friday, November 23, 2007

In Which KFC Raises the Bar on Quality Control

I don't indulge in KFC, as a rule, unless (1) I'm starving and (2) my son was going there anyway. So today, still deeply engrossed in writing Very Important Archaeology, I was starving, he was going, so yeah. This was proudly stamped on the bag he brought home, and I promptly remembered why the Colonel and I parted ways a while ago:

KFC: We Cook Food Thoroughly.

McDonald's and Taco Bell, you have been put on notice. KFC cooks their food. Says so right on the bag. I don't remember seeing similar proclamations on your bags, Jack in the Box! What are you hiding?

Jesus. Is that seriously the best they could come up with?

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Homer said...

When I was in high school someone in my class was severely burned when a pressure cooker exploded at KFC. He was in the hospital for a long time since his back was thoroughly cooked.