Saturday, February 28, 2009


Wow, this has not been my morning for WPS news. Not even close.

Puma unveiled the new uniforms for the league this past week, which I paid attention to only long enough to decide that (1) I like the Red Stars' Chicago flag-inspired jerseys, and (2) I cannot afford 70 bucks to buy one, even if I could get past the girl-cut that wouldn't fit my shoulders anyway. I did not pay attention to the point that my head needs to explode until this today. The story is here.

The WTF factor comes here:

arodhucles555.jpg picture by tinaanna

Hey, what's up with the goofy shorts?

haorampone555.jpg picture by tinaanna

Wait a minute...

osbornedimartino555.jpg picture by tinaanna


Uh, excuse me? Hi, we're the WPS, the last chance for pro women's soccer to be taken seriously in this country--seriously comes with a huge grain of salt, of course, since, you know, we got the double whammy of both "soccer" and "women" going here--so we need to do everything exactly right. Hey, I know! Let's put the girls in skorts! It'll be just like A League of Their Own! And we should get Rosie to be a spokeswoman, because that will tie in with the theme and totally bring all of America on board with us!

Jesus fucking Christ on a Triscuit. In a skort. I mean, at least they won't be wearing them during games, but why Puma thought it even needed to offer them as an option to some of the teams for wear "to and from the field, after practice -- and if a player really wants to, they can wear it on the field, too, in training or warm-up"--confuses me and pisses me off just a little. Here, honey, button this wrap onto your shorts to cover up so you look like a lady on your way to and from practice where you will be running and sweating your ass off. And feel free to leave it during pregame warmups until the last possible second, okay? Because God forbid someone should see you and forget you're a girl. Or see your muscular quads.

The Red Stars did not go with this option. Thank you, Chicago.

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emotionsovrflow said...

Just found your blog, so sorry for the late response, but let me tell you. When I first saw these skorts, the first thing that came to mind was the voice of that woman on the radio in A League of Their Own saying, "Girrrrrls??? Playing soccer??????"

Rediculous. I'm insulted as a woman. And I'm really not the type to get insulted as a woman over anything.

Anwyay, I'm pretty much over it now that the season has started, even though the square necked jerseys are a little dumb. Ah well. I guess now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the home team to come away from a game with a win.