Friday, March 20, 2009

Final Tweet

What could be more self-important than tweeting on Twitter? Probably announcing that you're leaving Twitter. So! I am done with Twitter, and of course it wasn't for truly egregious violations of decorum like members of Congress tweeting during Obama's address to the joint session. It is because the WPS (We Pimp Skorts?) announced they are considering having players tweet from the sidelines during games. And with this insult to the integrity of the game--hot on the heels of the skort--I can no longer be party to the nefarious technology behind it, no matter how inept I was at the Twitter to begin with.

If you must have hourly updates on my very important life, you'll have to find me on Facebook, which is rapidly devolving into an even more vapid, content-free forum than it already was. Sort of a Twitter-plus. Bye, Twitter!

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