Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Wonders of The Google

"abby wambach girlfriend" has surpassed the cupcake picture as the number one search bringing new readers to the Boltiverse, so I feel compelled to issue a mini manifesto:

(1) Recent sporadic speculation on Datalounge is that the Wombat is no longer with the former girlfriend, since said former girlfriend is on the roster of a different WPS team. Since at least three snuggly signings are evident around the league (LA, Bay area, and Boston, I'm looking at you), you'd think Abby would have had enough pull to bring Megan Rapinoe to Washington rather than seeing her go to Chicago.
(2) I am not complaining about that a bit. Come on you Stars.
(3) The shine fell clean off the Wombat for me after l'affaire Solo in the World Cup.
(4) Did you think that one was over? It just got fresh batteries on Sunday. Pissed Solo + microphone = Katie bar the door!

In other soccer news, Daniela indeed had her knee thoroughly shredded on Wambach's tackle Sunday after scoring two beautiful goals and is most likely done for the season. What a shame, and what a sad ending to what had been an entertaining match. The league is considering disciplinary action against the Wombat for the reckless tackle--eh. As a referee I feel the yellow card was warranted, but I didn't see it as a two-footed studs-up straight red, nor do I particularly believe that Wambach was intentionally attempting to injure Daniela as retribution for St. Louis defenders repeatedly smashing Wambach to the turf throughout the game. The Abbster can be a controlling freakshow on the psychological side and a bruising presence on the physical side, but I have not seen her deliberately hack an opponent. My call is that it there was some carelessness in the tackle brought on by a combination of the wet field, end-of-match fatigue, and a touch of frustration. Yellow, yes. League sanctions, no.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog, especially your coverage of women's soccer. Thanks!