Friday, February 10, 2012

Hey, look! Obama caved to religious conservatives! Quelle surprise.

The incomprehensible retrograde we've spun ourselves into is... driving me to such distraction. That is the polite turn of phrase my senior year Brit Lit teacher inadvertently taught us to use in lieu of I am ready to leap across this desk and fucking rip your throat out and feed it to shrews and then stomp on the shrews and jam them up your sorry, sorry bunghole. Goodness me, look at that emotion. Rick Santorum is correct; I am far too unstable to be trusted with, say, an M249 SAW or something similar that I might unload on someone's medieval, misogynistic ass when they get huffy about contributing a few pennies in payroll deductions toward medical care for a co-worker's ladybits.

I could go on. Some deep breathing would be a better idea.

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