Friday, December 09, 2005

Baking Delayed Is Christmas Denied...

All matters time-related have been sneaking up on me for the better part of a year now... relatives' birthdays... credit card payment due dates... milk expiration... you name it, I'm certain to remember it and spring into random action one or two days late. So why should Christmas be different? It is... December 9. Not a shred of Christmas cheer to be found in the cozy abode, although the lights are up on the outside, which I suppose should count for something. I've knocked out more than a bit of the shopping, but the items are lounging in my closet until the trunk-sized bundle of wrapping paper gets dug out of the shed for this year's go-round.

Christmas cookies are conspicuously absent at this time. It's early yet, I know, but the calendar from here on out is so freaking packed that I feel I've missed my window of opportunity. The rum balls! Where are the flippin' rum balls?!?

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