Thursday, December 08, 2005


Great. Just great. The Ford Motor Company has rolled over like the omega bitch, caving in the face of a threatened boycott by the American "Family" Association. They will no longer advertise Land Rovers and Jags in gay publications, and will limit Volvo advertising in said pubs to generic messages not tailored to the gay community. They will also cease sponsorhip of gay-themed events.

Fucking pussies.

I got news for the AFA. I have a family of my own--the family I was born into, and the family I have built with my partner and our kids. Family I have fought for acceptance in, family I have fought to have retain some semblance of normalcy. Thank God we live in Tucson, where most people don't bat an eye at having a pair of lesbians as neighbors, customers, clients, or employees, where even the Catholic schools our kids go to are explicitly welcoming. Somehow, the various people and institutions we deal with on a daily basis have managed to see us as human beings rather than some shallowly drawn, rigidly held stereotypes.
They do not claim the imprimatur to discredit our morals, ethics, and inherent value as people, sight unseen, based solely on the fact that we are in love with a member of the same gender.

Everything the AFA claims to stand for (aside from blind adherence to fundamentalist Christian dogma, that is) are things my partner and I embody. We are in a loving, committed partnership. We love our kids. We hold down jobs. We pay our taxes. We help the kids with their homework, coach their sports teams, cook their dinner, and tuck them in at night. We teach them the difference between right and wrong. We teach them to be considerate, caring, and generous, without first subjecting the Other to the litmus tests of sexual orientation and fervor of faith. The AFA as the champion of "family values?" They are a mockery of the very thing they purport to defend.

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