Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday. Yep.

Got an e-mail response yesterday from Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ08) to my e-mailed howling about the lack of Congressional oversight of the FISA wiretapping mess. It was very nice, quite long, well-written. This was just about the time Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) cut a deal with the administration to "fix" FISA so that the administration's blatant lawbreaking may be rewritten for the history books as a breathtakingly prescient, cutting-edge bit of counterterrorism operations that literally rewrote how the New American Empire dealt with threats both perceived and potential. Swell. I e-mailed Roberts this morning to tell him what a wanking bastard he is. Not expecting much of a response.

The family rolls in this evening. I am neither excited nor full of trepidation. I am simply resigned. Maybe I'll blame the complicit Senate for that too. Why not?

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Anonymous said...

I write Grijalva all the time and even though the letter I get back is always reasonable and well-written, somehow it feels empty. I want his letters to be as much of a crazy rant as my letters to him are.