Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Problems? We Got 'Em! Solutions? Meh.

Problem: Arms eroding. Gut growing.
Solution: Get your lazy ass to the gym.
Problem: Lazy ass. Well, maybe not lazy so much as over-scheduled.
Solution: Get your lazy ass to the gym.
Resolution: Well, fuck.

Problem: No money.
Solution: Meth lab?

Problem: Tethered to bathroom today due to funky bug apparently picked up over weekend.
Solution: Rice and tea. And keep running shoes on.

Random notes... I remember, a few days after the September 11 attacks, the first time I heard Bush repeatedly utter the phrase, "the Homeland." I wondered why his handlers thought it a good idea to latch onto a term with such strong sematic associations with historic totalitarian regimes. Well, I guess that's been answered... I still hate having NHL players in the Olympics, and don't get me started on the NBA bozos in the summer games. I think it every time around. It will never be as sweet as 1980, never again, and I'm not really interested in even watching them play... Skeleton, now that looks like fun. I wonder if they could add some traffic cones or jumps through burning hoops. That would be awesome...

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