Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hmmm, Investigate Wiretapping, Or Let It Slide? What to Do, What to Do?

Well, props to the mostly-nameless, near-anonymous folks in the House. The House Judiciary Committee is discussing a resolution filed by John Conyers to demand the full shit, once and for all, from the administration about the domestic spying/warrantless wiretapping/The Program. The video feed isn't identifying these folks other than by their state, but the ones so far have rightfully called out both houses of Congress for dereliction of duty in their failure to exercise oversight of the executive branch. They're saying--out loud!--that allowing the president to disregard FISA statutes on the excuse of Terror!Terror! effectively gives him unlimited power to act without checks, without oversight, without any limits. One woman indignantly pointed out the absurdity of Congress investigating whether Jose Canseco was on steroids but declining to investigate whether American citizens' civil rights are being violated.

Essentially, they're standing up and repeating the same points the leftish blogosphere have been making since the story broke.

Oh. Here comes the usual "if the president doesn't have the power to spy on the terrorists and protect the nation. the Constitution is moot" bleating.Well, it was fun while it lasted.

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