Monday, August 27, 2007

More Wombat Love

The US women played their final World Cup tuneup on Saturday night against Finland. The evil Finns took out Abby Wambach ten minutes in--and were pretty hacky throughout the match--but the Nats prevailed 4-0 thanks to actual interplay among the midfielders and forwards beyond simply flinging the ball into the middle in the hopes it will carrom into the goal off Wambach's amazing noggin. I loves me my Wombat, but it was good to see that this team is capable of more intricate and creative offensive play.

Wambach didn't make it off the field until the 22nd minute, but her pain and growing frustration were quite evident. My favorite Wombat moment came shortly after her injury. She wasn't able to get to the ball quickly enough and sent a bad touch out of bounds, and clenched her fists and screamed FUCK right in front of the ESPN camera and giant parabolic microphone. Been there, babe, and totally feel you. Got it on the DVR and have no idea how to upload it, but it will live in my heart forever.

Meanwhile, here is another of the top reasons to love this woman.

The World Cup starts September 10 in the wee hours of the morning, all games on ESPN2. I will be catching up on my sleep between now and then, and if a certain 5'11" striker with a nasty streak invades my dreams, well, I won't be saying no.


truth said...

Hey, thanks for the link. I totally stole that "armoire" line from the Washington Post article last week:

Wambach is 5 feet 11 and around 175 pounds with an upper body like an armoire, only a trace of body fat and a fearless determination to get to the ball by any means necessary.

Verdenafil said...

Thanks for pointing out this article. Very interesting stuff.