Tuesday, October 23, 2007

News Flash: Most Gays Not At All Like Will & Grace, Actually

Breaking news! A study commissioned by two California marketing and brand-management firms has found that gays in America fall into demographics other than rich young white boys with pockets full of poppers! Who knew?
Corporate America frequently stumbles when it attempts to sell its products to gays, the study's authors say. They blamed a one-size-fits-all marketing approach.

"It would be wrong for marketers to think that this was a rich and white, male, partying group," said Christine Lehtonen, president of Asterix.

The study found African-Americans and Latinos along with whites. Curiously, many gay Americans do not live in the Castro, but in suburbs. Some have cash to burn. Many hold down jobs yet struggle to make mortgage payments. Some live alone. Some decide to settle down and establish a household that may or may not have fabulous window treatments. Some of those households even have kids that they schlep around to things like "school" and "soccer practice."

In other words, they look suspiciously like straight Americans. More research is surely needed.

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Homer said...

My pockets are always full of poppers.