Friday, October 05, 2007


Hmmm, that didn't turn out so well. Perhaps taking their long-suffering fans' just wait 'til next year mantra to heart, the Cubs were in prime mid-April form, dropping balls, mis-timing leaps for balls, not running out long balls to the wall, running rather than tagging on flyouts, failing to cover the bag on bunts, and being unable to pitch their way out of a wet paper bag. Or, really, even out of an imaginary wet paper bag. Maybe Lou left Lilly in so long--even letting him hit in the bottom of the third with two on and two out--as a little vaffanculo to everyone who was after his head for pulling Zambrano too early on Wednesday. In any event, the series moves back to Chicago on Saturday and I spend the rest of today trying to keep my eyes open.

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Vanessa said...

Hey! Thanks for adding my site, Street Anatomy, to your blogroll. Much appreciated. Glad to see that you're a Cubs fan as well!