Thursday, March 13, 2008

In Which My Messy Public Breakup With the Wombat Enters the Snarky Stage

Only the most recent incident making Hope Solo wish she were a Danish goalkeeper.

Okay, now I'm done. Goddammit. I long for the days when I could just sit back and enjoy a hawt hawt hawt picture along with the rest of red-blooded dyke America.

Keeping score at home? The US breezed through the Algarve on something like a 11-1 goal differential, though trying to follow along was made more challenging than it needed to be by US Soccer's apparent committal to cans-and-string technology (as pointed out by many commenters on BigSoccer) rather than this newfangled DSL intertubes crap. The online MatchTracker tended to freeze up and crash right after the start of the second half of each game, making for frustrated fans who got up before the crack of dawn to follow along live. USSF claimed that their server was overwhelmed by unexpected traffic.

Suggestion: Fox Soccer Channel? Or are they too busy with the U23 men's qualifying matches, which they're showing all of? Don't answer that question. I do not wish to get that pissed off this early in the day.

Anyway, by all accounts, Sundhage has installed a ball-control gameplan with a fluid roster, and Lindsay Tarpley--finally allowed to be on the field at the same time as Heather O'Reilly--has turned into a goal-scoring machine. Young players like Amy Rodriguez and Tobin Heath are seeing the field. It's a brand-new day.

Who knows. I might even be convinced to like the Wombat again sometime soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, this is suncraver from the curve board. Can you imagine? Actual technology from the USSC? That would mean spending a dime or two (or maybe hiring a twelve year old) to get video up on the net.

I haven't given up on the Wombat...she's still a baby.

Great blog, btw. I've got a Rachel crush too; she's just too cute for words. Keep up the good work.