Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yeah, What She Said

The Air America stream is messed up, having been stuck on February 25 since February 26, leaving me no option for my daily Maddow fix other than sitting out in the driveway in the girlfriend's XM-equipped car. Or ponying up the seven bucks a month for the podcast, which I can't quite bring myself to do, even in these times of troubled primaries and Democratic infighting.

So for now I'm contenting myself with snippets posted on her website. This one is pure gold.

As far as I can tell, neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton gets themselves the required number of pledged delegates in the primary contest now to lock up the nomination as a certainty before the convention. They need two thousand twenty five. I don’t think either gets there before Denver. So they could fight it all the way to Denver. And if they spend that time giving John McCain a freaking pass and letting the media keep wetting themselves in delight every time Senator Bomb-Bomb says “my friends,” if they spend the months between now and Denver destroying each other and ignoring McCain, then you can kiss the White House goodbye for the Democrats for sure.

They can avoid this certainty if they stop campaigning like a pair of rabid minks in a gunnysack and instead start attacking McCain and Bush Republicanism.

Fat chance of that.

I want this to be over, like now, before either one of them manages to irreparably damage the other, before I need to hear another person insist that McCain is basically a Democrat on all the issues that matter.

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