Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Super Two-Step Tuesday

By the time the dust settles at the end of the night, the Democratic nomination may be settled as well. Let me say again that I really don't want to have to dislike either potential Dem nominee, but godDAMmit, Hillary, your campaign's little oopsie moments are pissing me off more than Barack's have. Sunday you asserted that no, Obama's not a Muslim... "as far as I know." Yesterday you said that only you and John McCain have a lifetime of experience to bring to the White House, while Obama has only a single speech from 2002. And yesterday a campaign call from your official Ohio number, in a "slip of the tongue," referred to Obama as "Osama bin Laden." Not just "Osama" or "Barack Osama"--which would have been tasteless but, oh, what's the word... oh yeah, plausible as a slip of the tongue--but the full, stand-alone Osama bin Laden. Nice.

On the plus side, perhaps, as you're feeling the momentum inexorably swing Obama's way, you're simply doing your duty as batting practice pitcher for him, lobbing in the 50-mph-gopher balls so he can work the kinks out of his swing enough to groove the real fastballs of a presidential campaign into the left field bleachers. Either that or to improve his quicks so he can spin away from the ones that will be coming directly at his head.

The only upside is that the Democratic mutual feeding frenzy will be over soon. I hope.

And then the Republican slime machine will kick into full gear and we'll be astonished at how wistfully we're remembering the Clinton-Obama jabs that suddenly look like gentle swishes with an ostrich feather in comparison.

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Homer said...

So over this election now.