Thursday, July 31, 2008

But First

As much as you are certainly dying to continue with the historical Loop tour, we must take a side trip right now to watch Dr. Maddow shred Pat Buchanan. The kinda worn-out Intarwebz acronym IOKIYAR truly should be updated to IOIYJMcC; the right can howl to their hearts' content that Obama coverage has far outstripped McCain coverage, but when over 70% of said Obama coverage has a negative slant, well, the liberal media myth continues to inhabit the realm of Bullfinch. So remember, it's OK for John McCain to refer to himself as "President McCain," but if Barack Obama shakes hands with a foreign head of state in the Willard Building instead of from the other side of a rope line, he's acting like he's the president or something and that's just uppity and uncalled for. Huff, huff.

Note: the following exchange has been scrubbed from the MSNBC website. If even they are protecting Pat Buchanan's delicate sensibilities, conservative media bashers really don't have a leg to stand on.

Second note: video link originally courtesy of commenter rhit over on the Maddow blog.

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