Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Market Day!

In keeping with ongoing efforts by me and my intrepid colleague S to force Market Day into the public consciousness, let me be the very first person this morning to wish you a very happy Market Day!

This holiday is currently officially celebrated by only two people--the aforementioned me and S--but you've probably been unconsciously celebrating it for years, or at least as long as you've spent the workday before Thanksgiving scribbling out grocery lists and bemoaning the need to stay in the office when you really should be out getting a jumpstart on Thanksgiving fun. Because, let's face it: Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever, as it is based on food, drink, family, friends, and football, with the most pressing issue not being oh my god what am I supposed to buy Aunt Myrtle for a gift this year but the much delicious-er question hmmm, should I bother with the token scrap of turkey this year or just go for the plate full of stuffing and mashed potatoes? Not that it's ever really a question, of course. Sleep well, turkeys! I do not want your meat! I just want the delicious juices that come out of your legs, thighs, and breast for gravy, lots and lots of gravy! Can you arrange that?

The downside to Thanksgiving is that it's just one day surrounded on either side by work, which leaves you scrambling after work to go shopping and cook stuff if you're a pre-preparer kind of person and crams an awful lot of holiday anticipation, celebration, and letdown into one 24-hour period. So S and I decided last year that the day before Thanksgiving should be an official holiday--it's not like anyone's concentrating in here that day anyhow--on which you're expected to go grocery shopping for Thursday, drink, and generally knock off early. And so we shall call this holiday "Market Day," and there will be the requisite rejoicing.

The boss hasn't gone for it yet, so for a second straight year we're celebrating Market Day in the office--le sigh--with colored lights, coffee with "cream," if ye know what I mean, laddie, and I think ye do, and warm thoughts of the baked goods we would be enjoying if we'd gotten around to baking anything. The holiday season is off to a shotgun start! Happy yam shopping to you and yours!

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