Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We Are All Cavorting with Terriers Now

Election dribs 'n' drabs...

*Atheist-baitin' Liddy Dole lost in North Carolina, but Michelle "Investigate Unamerican Activities" Bachmann (MN) and Ted "I'm Not Really a Convicted Felon Until My Appeals Are Rejected" Stevens (AK) both won. Will Sarah Palin appoint herself to fill his seat after the Senate kicks him to the curb? A nation waits.

* Michelle (Obama). Honey. I think you are made of awesome with awesome sauce and awesome sprinkles on top, but can we talk about that dress? Are you sure black widow was the most appropriate theme for the evening?

* Hearing Gene Robinson's voice quaver while talking about being grateful his parents lived to see this day, set over footage of jubilant, tearful people at black churches and a historically black college, put tears in my own eyes.

* The massive rally in Grant Park gave me chills. I was so proud of Sweet Home Chicago and the great scene they painted for the nation and the world.

* Where the hell was Rachel? MSNBC has the hottest rising star in the punditry, so for their coverage they put her... at the off-camera end of the table? She chimed in occasionally, but it wasn't anywhere close to the frequency I had been hoping for. I guess the world simply hasn't had enough *headdesk* moments courtesy of Chris Matthews.

* I know the nets are probably under pressure to be the first to legitimately call the election as soon as the last poll closes in the last relevant state, but Keith? Those of us who can do the math in our heads have already gone ahead and done that, so show some respect for people in the west who haven't voted yet and knock off calling the election over based on likely outcomes. Not his classiest moment.

* Awesome turnout across the country. 90% in Virginia and Colorado! That's crazy and amazing.

* The world is happy.

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familyman said...

Ha Ha. I think Rachel Maddow was off screen most of the night because she was so nervous up until they announced Obama won that she looked like she was going to throw up.

I think every time she was off screen she was popping Tums. :)