Monday, June 27, 2011

On We Go

Since life insists on marching resolutely on, despite the dog-sized hole in my heart, we got up for the start of the World Cup yesterday shortly after sunrise. In the first match I pulled mightily for France, since no self-respecting lesbian shitass can cheer in good conscience for Nigeria in anything, ever again. France dominated possession on the wings but was surprisingly toothless in the box, partly due to Camille "Sex Machine" Abily having a sub-par match, to put it mildly. Les Bleus also showed vulnerability to the counter. Nigeria's inability to put away a couple of wide-open chances preserved France's 1-0 win.

The second match, between Canada and host Germany, was far more entertaining. The Germans ended up on top 2-1, although missed chances on both ends meant the score could have been more on the lines of 5-2. What hurts more today, Christine Sinclair? Skying the ball over the bar on a wide-open net, or having your nose rearranged by a Deutsche elbow? Germany's ball movement and running off the ball are impeccable, and that Damn Barbie is a force.

I'm DVRing the matches this morning, so don't tell me who won England-Mexico; I'm hoping for a big game from Casa Boltgirl favorite Kelly Smith. We will be watching tomorrow's brace live with a giant breakfast and hoping the US performance doesn't make us want to puke up all those lovely eggs and biscuits.

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