Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Rage, and an Antidote

This week in Things that Make Me Angry:

1. Elvis

2. kale

3. Catholic Charities screaming discrimination in their adoption arm in Illinois. Seriously, people, this is not a difficult concept. Do you want to take public money to perform a public service? Do you want to refuse to provide that service to a specific segment of the public? You can’t do both. Hello.

4. it’s used as a possessive. College rugby sevens championship, I’m looking at you.

5. websites with auto-play video

6. websites with auto-play video and no mute button

7. my right knee

And just to keep it fair and balanced, here’s something that makes me happy:

Funfetti cupcake with dinosaur sprinkles, which totally outweighs 1-7 above. How many of these do I have to eat to get Sarah Palin out of my head? I'm willing to go pretty high here.


Damien Huffer said...

your weight in them, unfortunately.

Frank said...

Don't put kale in that category. Come to New England and try Portuguese kale soup!