Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006, Adieu

Never got much into New Year's Eve. The last time I went to a bar on December 31 was... I do believe it was Kingston Mines in Chicago, 1989. Drinking? Fun! Hanging with friends? Fun! Doing the aforementioned in a packed, smoky venue where drunken amateurs are continually falling into and spilling drinks onto me? Not so much.

Boltgirl's Best of 2006, Off the Top of Her Head:
1. Best movie: did I go to any movies in 2006? I don't remember. I heard Cars was good, and I finally saw Pirates 2 on DVD the other night.
2. Best album: Whatever that new one is Brazilian Girls put out, or Ghostland Observatory's debut. I don't get Tom Waits; I just don't. The new DeVotchKa was pretty cool too.
3. Best book: Fun Home, by Alison Bechdel.
4. Best meal I had: Cafe Poca Cosa the night before they moved to the new location, in February. Mmmmmmmmmole.
5. Best wine: finally discovered Red Truck. Yummy, yummy.
6. Best Notre Dame quarterback in a generation: Brady Quinn.
7. Best social event: the annual Christmas party. Were you there? You should have been.
8. Best news: the November elections.
9. Best Nelson moment for gay folk: Ted Haggard. Ha-ha!
10. You want ten? Make 'em up yourself!

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