Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Sometimes SiteMeter just makes you go, uh, seriously, what the fuck?

First, the more frequent and thoroughly understandable Google searches that bring people here:

aimee short tucson referencing my most involved reader! Who, alas, hasn't left any mongo comments lately. (note to Aimee: the BreakDown gang hit my son's school a few weeks ago and left them in tears. From laughter. You might want to lose the guy who adamantly states he's not even going to kiss a girl before marriage. Your cred with the under-15 set is hovering near that of Richard Simmons just about now)

purity ceremony/purity locket (lots of these. I'm thinking they're looking for instructions, perhaps ready-made kits. I'm hoping they stick around long enough to read and maybe think just a tad about what they're planning to do to their kids)

abby wambach dyke (woohoo!!!)

Then there are the odd but intriguing ones:
clap really loud (why? I am dying to know)

how loud is a handclap (Boltgirl on the Loose: Your Number One Champion Handclap-Based Tube on the Internets!)

su almizcle huele encantador (Boltgirl on the Loose: Your Number One Champion Otter Pop-Based Tube on the Internets!)

shit job fridge magnet (do I want one of these? does anyone?)

But then come the disturbing ones. And sometimes really disturbing ones.
food poisoning pei wei (I do not want to know. Especially if it involves the pad thai.)

witch interrogation clitoris (a clitoris that interrogates or is, itself, interrogated? If the former, okay, okay, I'll cave, just ask me one more time please)

hot lesbian bride (huh?)

find submissive wife (oh, go away. now.)

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