Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Dispenses with Subtlety, Names Oil as Running Mate

Oh, Sarah Palin, the first-term governor of Alaska, is absolutely the most qualified person a 72-year-old guy with health problems could have chosen as his vice president. After all, she's already partway through that first term and used to be the mayor of a small town. She is absolutely ready to step in as the leader of the free world on a moment's notice. They do have newspapers in Alaska, after all, and possibly the internet as well when all those damn oil-suppressing caribou aren't gnawing on the cables.

On top of her limited legislative experience, Palin also used to run the commission responsible for regulating Alaska's oil and gas resources, favors drilling in ANWR, and is married to a North Slope oil production operator. And is a woman.

Oh. Now it makes sense.

McCain-Petroleum, er, Palin 2008. Only your very best interests at heart.

edited to add: well, at least Charlie Crist's poor gullible "fiancee" is off the hook now.

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Homer said...

Ohmigosh, 21 months as Governor, 6 years as mayor of a town of 9000. She is the most inexperienced VP candidate that I remember.