Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Oh, Labor Day was the gift that kept on giving. Gustav ended up being not as bad as feared, the weather in Tucson considerately kept it at a mild swelter, and, oh yeah, we found out that Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. If it's wrong to pull a Nelson and point and say HA-ha at that, well, I don't wanna be right. Of course the Palins are delighted and proud that their daughter decided to keep the baby--weirdly implying that she had any choice in the matter--and of course she's going to marry the boy child who was the other half of that little conception tango, and of course teenagers make great parents and have long-lasting, rewarding marriages, so who wouldn't be delighted and proud of all that?


Oh, and Palin's hired a lawyer to help her deal with that bit of nastiness surrounding the state trooper who was embroiled in a custody dispute with Palin's sister, and found himself summarily out of a job after a phone call from the governor's office to his boss.

John McCain must be so... what are the words? Ah yes. Delighted and proud. Me, I'm just plain delighted. It's so sad when blatant pandering goes so, so wrong. I mean, who could have seen any problems there? As a friend of Top!Secret G-woman points out,
At least there's no inconsistency when it comes to supporting gun rights. They'll come in very handy for a shotgun wedding.

Greg Sargent has the complete Palin summary over at Talking Points Memo. Have a great convention, GOP!

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JordanCornblog said...

Oh I do so hope this all goes wrong for them. Life has definitely taken a sharp surreal tack ... and I'm still not even really totally convinced that Sarah had Trig. Thank god that football is starting soon.

(Ya gotta wonder what Pia would have to say about all this? What song would she pull out of her hat for this particular occasion?)