Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Palin update

Since I look to be spending the rest of the day on hold with various financial customer service reps as I continue to track down the swath of destruction my identity thief has left across the greater Southwest (motherfucker), it's as good a time as any to fling up the best Palin videos from the weekend. First, Jack Cafferty saying out loud what I honestly didn't think I'd hear a regular news guy say out loud on TV.

The second best part is him smacking down Wolf Blitzer's lame "but she was cramming a lot of information in there" excuse for her. The best best thing is Couric not even trying to hide her contempt. Which was dripping off her face and probably soaking the carpet. Call it what it is. Palin was playing McCain Mad Libs. We are fucked.

The scary thing about this one? Tina Fey's lines are lifted almost verbatim from Palin's actual responses to Katie Couric.

This post not sponsored by T-Mobile or Sprint, since Boltgirl totally anti-endorses them now for the unnerving way in which they apparently shrug and start up accounts for people whose "name" does not match the name on the credit report that comes back on the social security number they give. Which would be mine.

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