Tuesday, September 09, 2008

In Which We Watch a New Show

And so the new era begins. I liked the content, I liked the packaging. I liked a guest lineup that included none of the usual Robinson-Fineman-Turley fallback crowd from Countdown. I did not like the fake eyelashes, and think Maddow needs to be a tad more aggressive in reining in or smacking down Pat Buchanan if she's going to have him on there in the first place. And maybe find a more creative use for Kent Jones than just sticking him in the guest chair to run not-particularly-amusing pop culture video.

The best moment in the toss from Countdown came when Olbermann commented on her spinning red-white-and-blue graphics, and Maddow replied, "It looks like someone might win me at roulette." Ahem. Yes, me. Me me me.

Video should be available daily from MSNBC.

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