Thursday, March 19, 2009


It's my second-favorite holiday, the opening day of the NCAA men's/women's basketball tournament season, which on the BoltLiturgicalCalendar falls in importance right after Thanksgiving and right before Christmas and the Super Bowl, which are tied. I intend to gorge on hoops--thank you CBS and NCAA, for your NCAA® March Madness® on Demand player--even if I'm too old to gorge on beer and snackies the entire time. If I were still 24 it would be nachos and Labatt's all damn day.

My Final Four is UNC, Pitt, Louisville, Memphis. Heels win the championship over Louiville, 73-70.


Anonymous said...

Hey - what about the women's side? There's still time to join over at JordanCornbog, ya know! (Free Labatt's, too!)

JordanCornblog said...

Whoo hoo! (Now, if you could get Barack to move it along ... we'll be ready to settle in for the duration ... with the nachos and beer, of course!)

Frank said...

We're fans of UConn Women's team. And thanks for the blog listing. Much appreciated.