Monday, November 16, 2009

How to Do It

How does this happen? I have asked myself that a few times in the past ten months, with "that" referring to the repeated ability of __________ [insert the party, gang, or cabal in Congress lacking fifty percent of the votes plus one] to get what they want. This is how it happens.
10 of the 19 Democrats who signed the initial Stupak letter to Pelosi voted against health reform even after their demands on abortion were met.

Hold your breath and swear you'll keep holding it 'til you turn blue if mommy makes you wash the dishes, unless you get a piece of cake first, and then take the proffered slice of cake, exhale, eat the slice, inhale, grab the rest of the cake, and sprint out the door, leaving the dishes to continue moldering in the sink. And then try it again the next night when you're asked to clean your room, with the same results, while mommy stands there and wonders why nothing ever gets done around here and she's running to the store for more goddamn Duncan Hines every night after work.

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