Monday, November 16, 2009

The Sawdust Diaries

I just wrapped up 72 hours of home repair, and yes, I am counting hours spent sleeping in the total since they were also consumed by (1) thinking about sheetrock and (2) being sore. The main casualty was my beloved 20-year-old circular saw, which breathed its last in a puff of burned bearing grease smoke while hacking through the inch-thick cement stucco that was holding the windows hostage. Sniff, sniff. Amazingly, though, a shiny new Skilsaw ended the mourning pretty quickly.

Bloodletting? Not nearly as much as expected, and mostly limited to small punctures at the far extremities. Do not touch my fingers this morning. Seriously. I also managed to drop a broken window on my leg, but since it did more skidding than slicing, I ended up with what looks like a bad shaving incident rather than something requiring stitches. Oh, and a section of fence fell on me and knocked my beer over, and then the wind caught the tarp we had put up against Saturday's sprinkles and snapped the (surprise!) rotted fencepost it was tied to, which then, of course, also fell on me.

My dad, who was there to help and walk me through intricate things like sawing windows out of cement stucco, provided me with the genetic predisposition for general carpentry. Unfortunately, he apparently also included the gene that greatly increases the likelihood that things will fall on your head while you're in the middle of your projects. Thanks, dad!

All in all, a very productive weekend that got the major lifting out of the way. Coming up next on This Week in Sheetrock: taping, mudding, sanding, mudding, sanding, cursing, mudding again, throwing mud knife through new sheetrock, more mudding, sobbing, collapsing in heap.

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